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Photo of Graeme McCreathGraeme McCreath lives with his wife and family in Victoria, British Columbia, working as a physiotherapist in his private practice. Born in the United Kingdom, he became blind when he was nine and was sent away to residential schools for the blind until the age of 19. Initially training as a shorthand-typist, Graeme has beaten the odds and managed to work all his life. His tenacity and strength of purpose has helped him overcome many physical and social barriers. Always interested in sports he has participated in swimming, diving, water skiing and track and field. However, his main sporting passion was powerlifting where he retains a 20 year Canadian record in the Masters open class and a world record in powerlifting for the blind. Over the years he has gained experience and ultimately a passion for blind civil rights which culminated in the writing of this book. Now in his 60s his commitment for improving blind people’s rights remains at the forefront.

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The Politics of Blindness can be purchased online in print, ebook, digital audio, audio read by John Stonehouse and Braille editions.