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The letter below can be copied and sent to your member of parliament. You can find the postal and/or email addresses of your member of parliament by following this link and typing in your postal code.


As my member of parliament I wish you to pressure the Government to change the charity status of blind Canadians in order to bring us parity with our fellow citizens.

For almost the last 100 years blind Canadians have been designated charity recipients which has denied us equal opportunities in the fundamental services provided to other ordinary citizens. Consequently the majority of blind Canadians are without employment and living in chronic poverty. This position in society promotes stereotyping and denies normal social integration.

The recommendations outlined in “The Politics Of Blindness” under the “Get-R-E-A-L” approach should ensure blind people are given equal opportunity to succeed in life and become full Canadian citizens. The Canadian Constitution protects the rights of all citizens and therefore I wish you to convey to the Canadian Parliament that the present social stigma of charity based programs for blind Canadians is unconstitutional, unacceptable and creates social barriers preventing us from living normal lives.

I look forward to receiving a positive and productive response.

Copyright © 2018 Graeme McCreath
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